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Being Anglican

Anglicanism comes out of the Protestant Reformation as it took shape in the Church of England in the 1500s. It is now among the largest global bodies with the Church, whose structuring beliefs can be found in the 39 Articles and the basic liturgies (the Book of Common Prayer in its various editions; the most recent can be found here). Its distinctives include a commitment to the main principles of the "Protestant" or Reformation churches—like the full authority of Scripture to speak outside of and over the church—while remaining firmly settled within the Great Tradition of the worship and practices of the church over all the centuries. This gives rise to the oft-cited idea of modern Anglicanism as a deliberate pursuit of "mere Christianity" holding both to traditional orthodoxy in belief and practice, while holding a variety of theological positions that can be found within that umbrella.

In short, we are a global, evangelical, catholic, reformed, Spirit-filled church trying to live in submission to Scripture from within the historic life of the church ("tradition").

Our Local Sisters

We have three sister churches in the Minneapolis-St Paul area—or one mother and two sisters? We were planted out of Church of the Cross (Hopkins) in 2021, and are her third church plant. The first was Church of the Redeemer (Roseville) and then Restoration Anglican (South Minneapolis). And we really like our growing family...

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Our Diocese 

We live within the Upper Midwest diocese—a body of churches "Rooted in Word and Sacrament infused by the power of the Holy Spirit."

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