Join us Sundays at 11 am at Peace Lutheran Church in Robbinsdale

Children are a Blessing!

At Resurrection we hold children to be full members of our body, to be treated as disciples who are a blessing to the church. "There is no junior Holy Spirit," as we often say in our diocese.

As with all of us, old, young, and of varying abilities and disabilities, children are called to bring what they have rather than be marginalized for what they don't have.

We try to make our space hospitable for children. We have a nursery for ages 0-3, and all other children (for now) we are delighted to have with us in the service. We have drawing boards, handouts, and hope that they feel safe and welcome.

As belonging to Jesus, all children, if baptized, are welcome at the Eucharist.

Keeping Safe

We feel the great weight of working to keep our children as safe as we can, in a day of too many devastating reports of abuse in homes, schools, and (alas!) churches. We take that responsibility seriously, all of our volunteers in our children's spaces are required to submit to a confidential background check, and regularly participate in a safety course through Church of the Cross.